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They refused to leave on Sunday as well.

Clash of cultures and understanding, this is lesson 101 that not all Nordic interactions with the developing world come out smelling like roses. I’ll be surprised if the Finns stand firm, when dealing with 3rd world folks steadfastly believing a false narrative, complete with all the shouting and fist raising, they’ll cave.

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Thai berry pickers stay to fight their case, skip Sunday flight

A spokesperson for the Thai group says they are considering their demands, and want compensations from the berry company they came to work for. A court case is likely to ensue.

Marjanpoiminta, Saarijärvi thaipoimijat
Thai workers debate with a Ber-Ex representative in Saarijärvi, Central Finland. Image: Yle/Jori Asikainen

The dispute centering on 50 Thai berry pickers intensified on Sunday, when 25 of the pickers did not board a flight back home, despite flight tickets being purchased for them for that day by the berry company Ber-Ex.

On Saturday, 25 other berry pickers similarly left their return tickets unused.

Ber-Ex had changed the return tickets of the 50 Thai workers from their original dates in October to this weekend.

Spokesperson for the berry pickers Ville Hoikkala said there were no legal grounds for the berry company to move forward the plane ticket dates. Ber-Ex claimed they were obliged to do so, and that they were following Foreign Ministry guidelines.

It remains open when and how the berry pickers will return to their country. According to Hoikkala, the group are still probably in Suolahti, Central Finland.

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