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Team F-Troop hardest hit.

UPDATE: Horowitz takes aim at Bukovsky’s defense of West, but his arrows end up in his own hat. Ruth King over at Ruthfully Yours has it all here:


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If you wish to read the response, be my guest, and, incidentally Frontpage turned down the Bukovsky, Stroilov column, although in the past Bukovsky was extolled in their pages:

Read it all here.


I’ve been waiting for this, what a nice way to wake up to the morning, a fresh cup of coffee and enjoyable reading that vindicates a dear friend!

Also read Andy Bostom’s: 

Great Soviet Dissident Vladimir Bukovsky Extols Diana West’s American Betrayal, Excoriates Radosh/Horowitz Et Al

Bukovsky/Stroilov: ”For anyone who has read both Mrs. West’s book and the Professor’s review, however, it is the review that is dishonest and incompetent. The Professor’s trick is to pick a couple of minor points from the book, invent a few more points of his own which he falsely attributes to the book, declare all those points to be “the pillars of West’s conspiracy theory”, and then to ‘disprove’ them with all academic solemnity. Unable to argue with the book itself, he instead argues with his own misrepresentation of the book.”
Andy: Bukovsky/Stroilov conclude with a paean to Diana West’s unique effort. Please read their review/essay in its entirety to fully understand why they reached this apt conclusion!

bukovsky and horowitz


why academics hate diana west 29.9.2013

Where a professional historian pursues an academic career, the amateur seeks after the truth. Ignorant of taboos, the amateur can follow the trail of evidence to wherever it leads and discovers things which, according to the academic conventional wisdom, are best left untouched and unsaid.

That is what Diana West does in American Betrayal:The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character. By her own admission, she started that book with no intention of writing much about the Cold War. She started not as a historian, but a simple mortal puzzled and disturbed by the obvious question: how on earth could this great civilization of ours have degraded into such a hypocritical nonsense as political correctness? Having written her previous book about the death of the civilization of grown-ups, now Mrs. West, in her own words, attempts a post mortem–only to discover unmistakable signs of a murder.

She digs deeper, “tracing references and footnotes backward along a well-mapped historical route that has simply fallen into disuse”, as she puts it–and discovers the true history of the20th century, the history of communist crimes against humanity, to which so many in the Western Establishment were accomplices and collaborators; and then a massive cover-up of those crimes, which infested our entire public life with a culture of hypocrisy and double standards.

It is this search for the causes of our moral crisis that brings her as far back in history as 1930s, when the Great Famine was artificially organized by the Soviets to force the peasants into collective farms, and the Western media consciously helped Stalin to cover up that mass murder. She cites a fascinating account by a repentant journalist who had been present at the meeting of Moscow press corps with the Soviet chief censor, Umansky, to work out a “formula of denial,” after one reckless correspondent reported the news of the famine in 1933.

After “much bargaining in the spirit of gentlemanly give-and-take”, the “formula” was agreed, wherefrom the Western journalists and the Soviet censor proceeded to party with vodka and luxurious snacks until early hours in the morning. The next day, it was infamous Walter Duranty who took the lead in attacking the famine report as an incompetent and biased “big scare story”, and then explaining: “There is no actual starvation or deaths from starvation, but there is widespread mortality from diseases due to malnutrition”.

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  1. Bravo to Mr. Bukovsky and continued Bravas to Ms. West. Well done. As I look to today’s news, MSM broadcasts of the talking heads of the left (Dems) and so-called right (GOP), etc., I am appalled at the bad carbon copy footprints and fingerprints they manage to leave all over everything they touch. Currently they are so comfortable in their role that they often don’t even bother to wipe things clean but run their mouths at full tilt showing their pattern of dyed in the wool Marxism. I, for one, am distressed over how stupid we, as a nation, have been for so many decades. We now are picking up the fruit that has fallen from the evil tree planted in the west and underground nurtured by the east. How mankind could possibly have stumbled into today from >150,000 years of existence without totally removing himself from the circle of life is beyond me. Then to have to listen to the deluded reasoning of Ms West’s critics only reinforces her conclusions. We were sold down the river and are continuing to be sold ever further by our so-called leaders and so-called intellectuals. I am ready for the showdown – any time, any way, any place; bring it on.

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