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What reconciliation? Hamas, Fatah trade blows

Recent events in Egypt have dealt a sharp blow to Palestinian political rapprochement.

 Last Modified: 14 Sep 2013 15:45

Hamas, the rulers of the Gaza Strip, denounced the ‘bloody coup’ in neighbouring Egypt [AP]

Hebron, Occupied West Bank – Hamas has continued to accuse Fatah of inciting Egyptian military authorities against the Gaza-based group during Egypt’s recent change in leadership.

Hamas announced in an impromptu press conference held last month in Gaza that it had seizeddocuments [Ar] purportedly showing that the Palestinian Authority (PA) embassy in Cairo was spreading “black lies” and “concocted intelligence reports” against Hamas.

Some of the seized documents alleged that Hamas, supposedly in collusion with Egyptian groups, was smuggling weapons, including bombs, into Egypt to further destabilise the country and undermine security.

But Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesperson in Gaza, said the accusations were nothing new, as Fatah had “never given up on its conspiratorial designs against Hamas” following the internecine fighting in 2007 which saw Fatah routed from the Gaza Strip, and Hamas practically shut down in the West Bank.

“Fatah is colluding and conniving with the Sisi regime to spread chaos and insecurity in Gaza. They are trying to imitate the Tamarod [“rebellion”] group in Egypt,” Abu Zuhri told Al Jazeera in a telephone interview.

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