Sweden’s Supreme Commander Håkan Sirén said just about the same on his own country’s abilities in 2008. Delusional utopianism in the extreme, they really do think that existential threats in the modern age have been rendered obsolete.

norway corruption

Via The Norway Post:

Former Defence Chief critical of the armed forces

Today’s military defense does not have the quality nor capacity to face even limited attacks on Norway, says General and former chief of defense Sverre Diesen.

“The only reason the truth about the Norwegian army is not revealed is because it does not have to prove on an everyday basis what it is capable of, unlike the police,” says Diesen.

The former chief of defense has written a report that points out what the army was able to contribute with on the day of the terror attacks, July 22, 2011. He outlines several reasons to why Norway’s military defense is in a worrisome, and what he refers to as “dysfunctional,” state.

Some of his arguments include that expensive weapons are only used for a short period of time, due to long training times and limited periods of compulsory military service. He also thinks that the army lacks trained staff that can operate fighter planes and weapons, as well as a general lack of physical training and fitness among soldiers.

“Through the compulsory military service, Norway is practically spending money on subsidizing youth’s self-realization. Many see the military service as a positive introduction to adulthood before they move on to university and a civil career. This gives very little back to the military defense,” Diesen writes in his report.

He blames both the left-wing and right-wing parties for today’s arrangement, although for different reasons.

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