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The key in battling the Leftist run infrastructure in any society, is the refusal to allow others to define you. State your case, supply the rational for your views, supplemented with the facts, and circumvent the corrupted mass media. It’s not easy, but no one ever said it would be, but it has to be done nonetheless.

The Norwegian Progress Party, seems intent on swallowing the bile from the Left, and try to prove themselves not to be the ”waycists and bigots” the Left has painted them to be, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. Playing by the Left’s rules is a mugs game, especially when they alone hold the exclusive right to change the rules of the game that they’ve invented.

Islamization and the 2013 Elections in Norway

by Fjordman

The left-wing coalition of PM Jens Stoltenberg has conceded defeat in the September 2013 elections in Norway. The likely new Prime Minister will be Erna Solberg of the Conservative Party (Høyre), who is unfortunately still a devout Multiculturalist. She is currently engaged in talks with three other center-right parties (by local standards) who together hold the majority in the new Parliament. One of these is the country’s third largest party, the right-wing Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet). For the first time ever, they now look set to become a part of a coalition government or at least have some type of formalized cooperation with the new government.

The prospect that this party might have some influence over the country’s immigration policies has caused panicked reactions among members of the heavily left-leaning press. However, the Progress Party in Norway is softer than the Danish People’s Party in Denmark or the Sweden Democrats in Sweden. It stubbornly refuses to associate with either of these perfectly legitimate parties in public. This is a cowardly decision.

The problem with the Progress Party in recent years is that they have tried to appease and placate the hostile mass media. A better option would be to simply accept that the media will always be hostile to everybody who is critical of mass immigration. Accepting this makes it easier to go on the offensive. Trying to placate hostile journalists only makes one look weak.

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