Finland Global Warming Statism



It’s totalitarian/statist as it could get, gps on cars to track their usage on the highways.

These A-holes want to force people into mass transportation to free up the roads so they, the wealthy elite can drive them, while they fund their phony global warming driven projects with taxpayer money. When are the people going to rise up and say no more?

NOTE: Get the language, ‘a working group’ has been set up, no mention of who these people are and any conflicts of interest.

HS: Road tolls could replace car tax

A working group set up to consider changes to motoring taxation is to propose a shift towards taxing car use rather than ownership, according to a report in the daily Helsingin Sanomat. Officials hope the change would reduce emissions and the price of new vehicles.

Kuvassa näkyvä risteys löytyy Yle Kymenlaakson vaarallinen koulutie -kartasta.
Car usage could decline if a proposed tax reform goes through. Image: Kirsi Partanen / Yle

If the proposal becomes law, the cost of a new vehicle would fall by an average of 7,000 euros, according to HS. That would help bring more newer vehicles to Finnish roads. The idea is contained in a new report from a working group considering the issue for the ministry for transport and communications.

They suggest that drivers pay six cents per kilometre in most parts of Finland, with those in sparsely-populated areas paying three cents. The working group estimates that if their proposal is implemented, demand for public transport could increase as much as 40 percent and emissions would decrease by five percent.

The report is presented on Monday to representatives of the motoring and transport industries. The first pilot projects are expected to start early next year, with tracking probably provided by satellite. The report does not include proposals for a congestion charge in the Helsinki region, which was last proposed–but rejected–in 2011.

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  1. Basically any form of taxation is confiscation of one’s personal wealth. I realize that governments need funds to function, however they never seem to have enough. All of these socialist (or communist) schemes, i.e. Global warming, Carbon Credits and the rest of the BS programs are designed to remove more of our hard earned wealth without breaking down our doors and physically beating it out of us. IMHO the elites feel we our not fit to , care, think, or govern ourselves, they would rather tax us into submission.

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