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Using the very same logic of the article, one could say that if the same HS journalist was covering the fighting in WWII, he would be filing reports about how ”poor Nazis are being driven by desperation to commit crimes against humanity”.

Jukka Huusko

The carnage created by these terrorists is solely about ideology, Islamic ideology, as well as the fact that the jihadis feel that history is on their side presently, Gulf oil money flowing their way only sweetens the pot. Muslim victim-hood mentality which permeates Islamic thinking, is just part of the glue that binds them all together.

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The global jihadi masterminds endorse a new style of operation, particularly for those in the non-Muslim world arena: small cells, few connections, low cost munitions and high density, high profile crowds. “It’s the al Suri Strategy come home to roost.”

Source: Helsingin Sanomat H/T: Vasarahammer

jukka huusko and his expert on nairobi mass murders 26.9.2013


Where did that international guard come from? From recruiting, the extreme Islamist al-Shabaab was looking for, above all, from the Somali Diaspora “1.5-generation”, says Norwegian terrorist investigator Stig Jarle Hansen to the HS by phone.

“They are teenagers, moved to the West, and lost between two worlds. The suitable recruit is sufficiently unaware of the details to the conflict in Somalia, on the other hand, sufficiently removed from the host country’s culture in order to embrace the ideology of al-Shabaab.”

It is the al-Qaeda ideology, according to which the Islamic world is at war with against the the secular West and its lackeys.

A strict interpretation of Islam, in addition to al-Shabaab training camps who are known to be teaching Samuel Huntington’s book Clash of Civilizations .

The book is about the West and the Islamic world, on a collision course.

Al-Shabaab clash of ideology was localized in war-torn Somalia.

Many researchers have considered the Nairobi bloody attack by al-Shabaab as a dying gasp


According to Stig Jarle Hansen, the Nairobi attacks, however, are evidence that al-Shabaab is not defeated. 


The Nairobi attack reflects, in particular, that al-Shabaab has its tentacles entrenched in Kenya and Tanzania, Hansen says.

According to Hansen, the evidence shows that the Nigerian Islamist Boko Haram is cooperating with al-Shabaab.

What about al-Shabaab’s tentacles inside the western powers? Hansen points out that the overwhelming majority of the somali diaspora consider al-Shabaab as an abomination.

But the desperate, the lost,  individuals are forced into the ranks of the organization that can be made use of. Hansen believes it’sd quite possible that the unconfirmed claims that jihadist from Finland could have participated in the attack in Nairobi. “I would say that the Finns should be prepared for this thought.”

More here in Finnish.

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  1. Plotting to murder as many innocent men, women and children isn’t desperation. That is pure evil and it takes an utter idiot to not recognize evil.

  2. these muslim tortured and murdered non-muslims – THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DESPARATION.

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