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finn terrorist in nairobi massacre22.9.2013

Source Das Welt Investigative Team

Finland’s tabloid IltaLehti reports that De Welt has listed a Finn as being among the attackers in yesterday and today’s atrocity in Nairobi.

IL: According to DeWelt, a 23 year old Finn participated in the attack whose point of origin has been named as being from Helsinki.

An excerpt from DeWelt:

In the tweet it goes on to say: “Some youngsters oppose the death, even if they were told not to be captured alive, it will be a long ordeal in # Westgate..” In another Tweet called al-Shabab name of the assassin, there should be eight.  After that they come from Somalia, Kenya, the U.S. states of Minnesota and Kansas, as well as in London and Helsinki are between 20 and 27 years old. The Twitter account of al-Shabab has now been deleted.

Nairobi bombers come from europe africa us -finland 22.9.2013

Israeli security experts have intervened in the fight against Somali terrorists who have continued being entrenched in the Westgate Shopping Center in Nairobi with several hostages. The rebels of the radical Islamist militia al-Shabab had stormed the building armed with machine guns and hand grenades on Saturday afternoon.

According to the Red Cross, at least 68 people were killed and 175 were injured. So far, the death of an attacker was confirmed. According to information of the “world” the Israeli security forces, however, were not actively involved in a deployment of the Kenyan armed forces to rescue the hostages.

The Israelis should play a strategic advisory capacity based on their experience behind the scenes, said security sources. Many shops owners in the mall are Israeli. If there is an active intervention by the Israelis, it would be the first combat mission abroad by Israeli special forces against a militia with Al Qaeda ties.

Deleted Twitter account of al-Shabab

Even FBI specialists were available locally. They wore protective vests and rubber gloves. Without foreign specialists the Kenyan forces do not seem to be able to Lord. In 2011, Kenya and Israel had signed a cooperation agreement for the anti-terrorist struggle.

The agreement includes cooperation at technical level. It was related to “a new thrust” of the cooperation between Israel and African countries that were threatened by radical Islam, the Israeli newspaper “Haaretz” commented at the time.

Source De Welt

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    It should read ‘Someone of non-Finnish ancestry holding a Finnish passport and a non-Finnish worldview INVOLVED IN NAIROBI SHOPPING MALL MASSACRE…’

  2. ALL politicians owe the world an explanation for why they continually
    insist that:

    “Islam must be a valid religion because its god prescribes wanton
    random murder as the only sure way into its heaven! Whee!”


  3. Those politicians and ‘activists’ who support this satanic cult must be imprisoned for supporting terrorism, and must be held responsible as accomplices for all terrorist attacks carried by muslims such as this and the attack on the Pakistani Church.

    “Muhammad a mercy to the world”…my ass.

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