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A cadre of hardened Leftist ideologues, an uninterested media….. and lots and lots of money.

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The problem with today’s class of leaders in politics, in academia and in the media, is that the radicals of the 60’s and 70’s have heavily infiltrated these once valued institutions, and funded by big money.

Whether the funding is by leftist billionaires or Gulf state sharia/jihad supporting sheiks, the end result is the same, the subversion of traditional US institutions of higher learning with highly concentrated propaganda, with the aim of turning the republic against itself.

NOTE: It’s the main reason why people in the U.S. are seeing Leftists abashedly marching in the streets with signs calling for Communism/socialism, many of whom maintain personal contact with government officials in high public, and the media failing to report on it.

How to Turn a Campus Into an Indoctrination Center

September 27th, 2013 – 11:22 am

If you want to understand how the far left controls campuses, consider this story.

barry-rubin2There is no university more supportive of the Arab nationalist (historically), Islamist, and anti-Israel line in the United States than Georgetown’s programs on Middle East studies. Every conference it holds on the Middle East is ridiculously one-sided. The university has received millions of dollars in funds from Arab states, and it houses the most important center in the United States that has advocated support for a pro-Islamist policy.

One day in 1975, not long before he died, the great Professor Carroll Quigley walked up to me when I was sitting in the Georgetown University library. Everyone was in awe of this brilliant lecturer (remind me to write him a tribute explaining why he was so great). I thought he might have remembered me from my extended explanation of why I was late for class one day because I had rescued a sparrow and taken it to a veterinarian (true).  I vividly recall that detail, because I couldn’t think otherwise why he would want to talk to such a lowly person.

“May I sit down?” he asked.

“Of course!” I said, stopping myself from adding that it was an honor. Without any small talk, he launched into a subject that clearly weighed on his conscience. “There are many who don’t like your people.”

What was he talking about? I thought, is he talking about Jews?

He explained that he had just come from a meeting where it was made clear that the university had a problem. They were getting Arab money, but on the secret condition that it was for teaching about the Middle East but none of it could be used to teach about Israel. How was this problem to be solved?

Simple. They would call the institution to be created the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies. It was explicitly expressed that this was how the problem would be dealt with.  Quigley was disgusted. Ever since then, I have referred to that institution as the Center for Contemporary Arab Money.

More here.

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