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One less jihadi to walk the soil of The Netherlands.

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First from BadNewsFromTheNetherlands:

Yet another Dutch Muslim killed in Syria Fighting

Eighteen year old Soufyan El H. from the Hague has been shot through his head near Aleppo in Syria while fighting against the Assad Government. His parents received a message that their son had become a ‘martyr.’ He is the sixth Dutch Muslim killed in Syria. Dutch intelligence services estimate that between fifty and hundred Dutchmen fight in Syria.

NOTE: Let us all hope that the fifty or sixty remaining jihadis meet the same fate.

Again a Dutch goer to Syria slain

By: Janny Green 20-9-13 – 07:02 

Syrian rebels in Aleppo © AFP.

Last Saturday, another Dutch warrior, the 18-year-old Soufyan el H. from The Hague, killed in Syria. He was shot in the head near Aleppo during a battle with troops of Assad.

The parents of El H. got a message this weekend  from Syria that Soufyan had become amartyr. They were under the assumption that their son had traveled to Syria on humanitarian grounds. He told me that he worked in a hospital, there he helped with the care of the wounded. El H. is the sixth Dutchman who was slain in Syria.

More in Dutch from Volkskrant.nl

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