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Lars Hedegaard Experiences Irshad Manji, “The Used Car Saleswoman of Ijtihad”

September 20th, 2013 by Andrew Bostom |

Yesterday (9/19/13), I conveyed in tweet {@ingridcarlqvist @DispatchIntl@Fjordman1

 “Still the used car saleswoman of ijtihad” // //} my own longstanding discomfiture (see this 2005 essay, reproduced in my 2012 book, Sharia Versus Freedom), shared by Fjordman (see his essay from 2006), with the  shallow, self-aggrandizing “reformist” Muslim, Irshad Manji. My assessment of the disingenuous Manji then, and now, is that she was, and remains, “The Used Car Saleswoman of Ijtihad” (i.e., ijtihad being a formalized process of “independent reasoning” on Islamic Law, which ended in ~900 C.E.; see Schacht, An Introduction to Islamic Law, p. 70).

Here is a revealing commentary by Lars Hedegaard,  “What’s the Problem with Irshad Manji?”, based upon his own experience after a favorable articleon Manji  was posted in Dispatch International’s Swedish language publication (which Hedegaard co-edits with Ingrid Carlqvist),  just yesterday:

Moments after receiving a tweet from one of the many ultra-left Swedish outfits that Dispatch International had published an article about her and her recent book, that eminent ijtihad artist

Irshad Manji wrote to us that we had to take down her picture.

In fact it was a picture of the cover of her book.

We anticipate that her next move will be to seek a worldwide ban on book reviews in papers she doesn’t like.

Interestingly, Ms Manji’s move came before we had published Maria Celander’s article in English, so unless she is conversant in Swedish, she wouldn’t have a clue about the content.

As anyone can read for himself, it happens to be a kindly article. Not that it matters. Most authors will from time to time encounter bad reviews but in this part of the world, no dejected writer has ever demanded that newspapers remove a picture of their book from the review.

More here.

UPDATE: Brian of London forwards: Meatloaf: ”Life is a lemon and I want my money back”  🙂

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