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Absolute mind numbing stupidity.


H/T: Vasarahammer.


NOTE: The story was first broke by Juha-Pekka Tikka at

juha-pekka tikka- sdp mp asks about treatment for finns coming back to finland with wounds from jihad 13.9.2013

MP Tuula Väätäinen (sdp.) is concerned that Finns participating abroad – such as in Syria – in the ongoing military conflict are without the added protection of soldiers’ compensation law.

Those called up for emergency service are insured primarily by the State Treasury under the Military Injuries Act. The policy does not apply to citizens who participate in ongoing conflicts abroad, so to speak, on their own.

Väätäinen asks the government to the written question:

– How does Finland and the Finnish welfare state feel about the possibility of Finnish citizens, as individuals, who are involved in armed conflicts such as the civil war in Syria, and then return with war wounds in need of medical care and rehabilitation, and what steps is the government taking to ensure the proper treatment of these persons?

The Security Police’s recent report on  the motives of those leaving for Syria are many and varied. Supo’s Inspector Tuomas Portaankorva stated to IS of that those leaving, a part of the motives are humanitarian, the others are attracted to extremism. Portaankorva use the straightforward term ”jihad tourism” to describe those looking for adventure in Syria.

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  1. Other countries declare them as terrorists , Finland’s leftwing libtards are worried about throat cutters healt.
    They probably get vet pension too,lol

  2. Finland’s leftwing are traitors. It is beyond comprehension that these people in power can destroy a country from within. However, the Finish people are letting it happen. You reap what you sow.

  3. How about stripping them of citizenship or immigrant visas, and kicking them and their families out?!

  4. Madness. Beyond belief.

    Look at the lefty. Idiocy, retarded mental functions is what you see in her face.

  5. SDP is sliding in the polls. Their current share of the vote is around 15 per cent, which is about their lowest share ever. The likes of Tuula Väätäinen will not help to increase the percentage.

  6. That’s fine. She is free to want that their health be looked after.

    It is another thing entirely to expect other taxpayers to fund her fantasies. If she wants it so badly – any wounded jihadis with Finnish passports should stay at her place and their medical bills must be paid for by this idiot – out of her own pocket.

    If jihadis by their own choosing go to Syria or anywhere else to put themselves in harm’s way and kill other people – they do so with eyes open. It is solely THEIR responsibility. Not ours, not anyone else’s.

    Why reward them for their stupidity???

    That is childish.

  7. Absolute madness. Why are the Finnish people electing idiots like this to power? Do they hate their own culture and society so much that they actively pamper and protect those who wish to end it and replace it with a backward religious dictatorship?

    1. Brilliant response! Totally agree – this every western country’s fear – I hope the Surgeon General signs her admission to the wing for the mentally ill!

  8. You think the Finnish people elected idiots ?
    Come to Germany ,watch our “politicians”,and you will know for sure what real Idiots are.
    The insanity of the leftists has to be stopped.

  9. Bundle her up and air drop her into the al queda camp, I am sure she can help the jihadis there.

  10. How mad is this. What this “politician” does is fostering international jihadism and mercenary service. This is how the far-left promotes war between the cultures and brings it home right to your doorfront.

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