But perhaps more importantly. his chain of logic is identical to the notion that because Charles Manson committed horrific murders in California because of his interpretation of a Beatles song means that we all must make sure that Paul McCartney never sings another note.

Norwegian Nobel chair gives Fjordman the anti-nobel-prize for literature and history

Posted on August 1, 2013 by Eeyore

I remember as a child hearing my mother explain to me how the Nobel prizes were so prestigious and important that they were not given out every year and in fact were not to be given out unless a candidate met the amazingly high criteria for such a prize.

This was however, before the Norwegian branch of the Nobel prize meandered off into politics and started giving the Peace Prize to anyone who had planted a few trees and was an anti-white racist who believed that AIDS was a white plot to kill the black man. Even so, what an honour that a humble and until recently, anonymous essayist who has accurately predicted the effects of mass islamic immigration into Western nations and written other scholarly essays about the history of Western civilization, its roots and origins of its ideas, should be granted a once only ever Anti-nobel-prize!

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  1. Since Arafat received the Nobel surely Fjordman received the right one.

  2. One day Fjordman will be head of the Nobel Peace prize committee.

    Then we will know that democracy is reinstated in Norway.

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