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Just because what Brievik did was evil, doesn’t make whatever takes place on the island good.

A picture was just sent to me of the AUF Camp of this summer, with Prime Minister Stoltenberg in the middle.

Stoltenburg at atoya island norway camp of hate

One should be clear the explanation of this picture. Breivik was in fact a criminal and in an other  league altogether. Yet, we should not diminish the fact that Utoya was an Israel-hate promotion camp for the AUF, the youth organization of the Norwegian Labor Party.

Children from 14 years old were incited against Israel.

This has been extensively reported in the media. The parents who send their children to this year’s camp knew that they were sending their kids to a hate camp. By coming there, Stoltenberg not only condones it in silence, but supports those who incite against Israel.

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  1. Thank you for breaking the uncomfortable silence on this very touchy issue.
    Spotlighting the hate-filled aims of the camp attended by the brainwashed youngsters in no way belittles the unforgivable evil that Breivik brought upon those youths and their surviving family members.
    Good on you for clearly stating everyone’s revulsion over the inexcusable wickedness of Breivik’s actions – while at the same time clearly identifying the racist nastiness that this camp is all about. A racist hate-fest cheerfully supported by Norway’s Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

  2. I am surprised that Breivik does not sponsor a “Remember Quisling day” as a national holiday

  3. It’s child abuse to poison these young minds. But leftists with their strong nazi spirits don’t mind teaching the young to hate Jews and Israel. The stench rises up to heaven. Pray these young people gain wisdom and learn to tell the difference between a fact and propaganda.

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