That plot thickens.

swedish feminists in hijab 21.8.2013

I posted a piece yesterday about Swedish feminists donning the hijab in support of Muslim women assaulted for their religious beliefs, the story seemed fishy to me when I posted it, what Muslim woman in a hijab would be wandering the streets in the wee hours of the night without her male guardian in hot pursuit?

I have been forwarded a link to a You Tube video of a caller to a Swedish radio program who supposedly witnessed the event in question that set off the high profile (in Sweden) campaign. It wouldn’t surprise me that it was indeed her husband that gave her the smack for being alone and out at night.

H/T: Fjordman

NOTE: and Swedish speakers reading this feel free to translate.

A witness to the alleged beating of a Muslim woman in a Stockholm suburb on Friday called today into Cissi Wallin Radio1 and told what really happened: it was the woman’s own husband who abused her – not a “white Swedish man”.

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  1. The observation is in! Hijabs make you look like a bitter hag. It’s true. Whenever a kuffar puts one on, they become a hag, bitter, unsmiling, hateful.

  2. Sweden was a country to love and respect, since Muslims arrived it has turned into a seething mass of rapists, screaming, burning, ugly and hysterical low life blown in by the government. Muslims only reason for being in Sweden is to despoil her once proud history and tolerance and turn her into the kind of place Muslims come from. Sweden it would be worth undergoing hardship for a few years to pay these trouble makers to get out of Sweden. They want all the comforts of Sweden without offering her the loyalty and commitment she rightly deserves. Islam is incompatible with the West and in particular Scandinavia. Our myths, music the cleanliness of our cities under a siege from a people who come out of the blistering filthy desert heat.

    1. I always loved Scandinavians countries since I’m young boy,and i feel very sad to see what they have become now.It will be a big lost for the civilized world if they disappear to fall in the hands of the muslims ” culture”.I really wonder what they have brought to these countries but their fanatism,their hypocrisy and their misbehavior.It is not the first time that these musslims play the false victims,they do that everywhere,they are always offended like wasted children.

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