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In the comments, Anushirvan  leaves the following to an earlier article I posted on the situation:


Too many atheists try to desist from criticizing Islam in the 21st century.

As Thomas Cothran notes on //www.firstthings.com/onthesquare/2012/08/against-faith-in-faith

“It has become a strange and unfortunate commonplace that one must have faith in faith—faith, that is, in the ability to commit oneself to truths that transcend rational justification—not only out of respect for faith’s intrinsic (if futile) beauty, but also as a means to the truth. Confronted with inadequate evidence for the deeper truths of life, one must conjure up a commitment to ideas for which the subjective act of faith can be the only ground, and one must believe not only in the content of faith but in the faith-act itself.

This, at least, is the picture of faith one finds in the writings of Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, and Sam Harris, and it has an embarrassing currency among Christian believers.”

But not only among Christians, it has to be noted. Indeed, the aforementioned writers have often enough described a tendency not only among Christians but also among atheists, that religion in their minds seems to bear a sacred and untouchable character that elevates itself above all potential criticism, whereby having faith itself seems to be enough of a qualifier to treat all religions with “equal respect”. Among atheists it seems that those “having faith in faith” covet a certain type of deference to the authority of all religions, which is ironically a crypto-religious standpoint in itself.

Basically, having faith in faith can explain, to some extent, why some atheists simply do not bother with criticizing any religion during their lifetime, but with regards to Tom Chivers’ piece, something more ominous takes place. In this case, having faith in faith morphs into the standard rhetoric of the “progressive” Leftwing PC/MC atheist, bending backwards to distance himself from Richard Dawkins’ logic that no religious doctrine should ever be exempted from criticism. The main anxiety of Tom Chivers and the likes is to try and show deference to Islam in particular, (rather than to any other religion) exempting this doctrine from all criticism and keeping in mind the horrendous consequences sustained criticism of it will have in the long run.

A classic case of progressive-liberal Stockholm Syndrome, that permeates not only some echelons within Christian communities of various sub-denominations or liberal Jews, but also a large portion of atheists around the world. Which turns into a whole array of feeble attempts by pseudo-intellectuals to find “moderate” Islam or “moderate” Muslims with a proverbial electron microscope.

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  1. Happened yesterday noon, only reported in the MSM today:

    Suspicious package was small bomb


    The Dutch language version provides a few extra details:

    The package was found by a cleaning crew under a seat in a stationary train. It looked like a box with a skull drawn on it.

    “Toen ze het deksel oplichtten, zagen ze een vermoedelijke bom, compleet met bedrading en klok.”

    —–> “When they lifted the lid, they discovered what could have been a bomb, including wires and a clock.”

    “Zich baserend op gelijkaardige eerdere feiten wordt vermoed dat het pakket het werk is van anarchisten of jongeren”, aldus minister van Binnenlandse Zaken Milquet aan het persagentschap Belga.”

    —–> “Based on previous similar occurrences, the package is suspected to be the handiwork of anarchists or youths”, according to the Belgian Interior Minister Joëlle Milquet’s announcement to the Belga press agency.”

    In my book, she seems to be too quick off the mark to publicly discard the notion that this could have something to do with actual terrorism. If this is some dry-run exercise in the run-up to something more ominous in the near future, I am suspecting we are being lied to !

  2. Atheists with leftist leanings somehow give islam a pass when it comes to violence. This is their way of proving to themselves they are wonderfully tolerant people who are open minded about beheadings, public execution of gays, and the rape of little girls aka child brides.

    I also have a minor peeve about a division of atheists who are incredibly obnoxious with their monomania with Christianity. No matter what the subject, they will contort themselves to highjack the topic and turn it into a rant about Christians.
    They have no idea how tiresome they are especially when adults are trying to carry on a conversation about pressing issues of the day.

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