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Leftist Swedish feminism: “We disparage patriarchy while at the very same time encouraging it.”

UPDATE: Egyptian girl shoots herself to death after refusing to wear hijab

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

All I will say about this is, violence against anyone for whatever the reason outside of self defense, police actions and military response in defense of the country, is not justified.

Equally disturbing is the mentality of donning Islamic headgear by self identified feminists in support of women, many of whom are forced or brainwashed into wearing the garment, and who often fall victim to family members for refusing to wear it. Showing solidarity with with those who either promote it or are subjected to it, ….is sheer stupidity.

H/T: Ingrid Carlqvist via Tobbes Medieblogg 

via Feminist Initiative


swedish feminists celebrate the veil 19.8.2013

  • We require a security policy based on human security. Freedom from violence is a basic human right, the ultimate responsibility for ensuring this right, the state has. Instead of throwing away billions on the military needed the resources to secure everyone’s right to freedom from violence and sexual abuse.

  • We demand that those who become victims of hate crime is taken seriously in their contact with the justice system. It is unacceptable that so many people become suspicious or neglected because of their gender, their religion or their skin color. The judiciary, prosecution and police authorities must actively work with standard critical power critical, anti-racist and gender-sensitive approach.
  • We require broad efforts to prevent hate crimes and discrimination. The cause of hate crimes is widespread discrimination in society that need to be met in all arenas. Measures must be directed against those who discriminate. At the same time, the knowledge of human rights increased. All school staff must receive training in LGBT issues, gender, anti-racism and normative critique.

We stand side by side with the sisters who are exposed to hate crimes and we stand up for religious freedom in Sweden. We defend the right to wear the veil as well as not to wear the veil. Everyone has the right to control her body.

Sissela Nordling Blanco
Stina Svensson

spokespersons for the Feminist Initiative

More here in Swedish

5 Responses

    1. Exactly! These hypocrites are completely silent when muslim women are forced by their men and muslim society to wear veils. You won’t hear a word of protest when honor killings happen or acid is thrown in a muslim woman’s face.
      And these hags certainly will never, ever address the large numbers of rapes by muslim men on Swedish women. Cowards and hypocrites.

  1. Wearing the Hajib will not reduce the high incidence of rape in Sweden. Muslims are raping Swedish women, and believe me these Muslim women do as their muslim masters tell them out of fear. You want to do something about hate crime, the first thing that must be done is all Hajibs be banned in public by statute law. For those Muslims who find loyalty to Sweden first before religion it is Sweden’s duty for the safety of her nationals to deport these radical ilamists. Before the rise of Islam in Sweden, Sweden was one of the most democracies in the world. Sweden has gone too far accommodating these people. I suggest your group checks out international press information world wide and be aware Islam is on a Jihad to convert every nation including the US to Islam. Iran is building her nuclear arsenal, Saudi is the wealthiest Sharia Law nation world wide with a lot of heavy fire power. You are being unrealistic and ridiculous and from your photographs are nearly as silly as the first Feminists from the early ’70’s.

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