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Mubarak’s Muslim Brotherhood Prophecy

by Raymond Ibrahim on August 17, 2013

Whatever one thinks of Hosni Mubarak—and his final assertion concerning himself is especially prophetic—he certainly understood the Brotherhood and their strategies well.  Consider especially the following three points he made about them and how they have all proven true:

  1. Mubarak: “And these groups—don’t ever believe that they want democracy or anything like that.  They are exploiting democracy in order to eliminate democracy.  And if they ever do govern, it will be an ugly dictatorship.”  Quite so.  While paying lip service to democracy, once the Brotherhood came into power under former president Muhammad Morsi, they became openly tyrannical: Morsi gave himself unprecedented powers for an Egyptian president, appointed Brotherhood members to all important governmental posts, “Brotherhoodizing” Egypt (as Egyptians called it), and quickly pushed through a Sharia-heavy constitution.  Under Morsi’s one year of rule, many more Christians were attacked, arrested, and imprisoned for “blasphemy” than under Mubarak’s thirty years.
  2. Mubarak: “Then the international news agencies go to these groups [Brotherhood] for information, and they tell them, ‘they’re killing us, they’re killing us!’  Well, don’t you [news agencies] see them killing the police?!”  Now that the Brotherhood has been ousted and ispromoting terrorism in Egypt—especially against its Christian minority—trying to push the nation into an all-out civil war, they are, in fact, feeding the international media the old lie that they are innocent, peaceful victims in order to garner Western sympathy.
  3. Mubarak: “they took advantage of the economic situation by handing out money.”  Funded by rich Wahhabi states, the Islamist organizations bought their way into Egyptian society and power.  Prior to elections, they paid—that is, bribed—Egyptians to vote for them; and after their ousting, they’re paying people (along with beating and forcing them) to stay with them in Ra‘ba al-Adawiya, and provide them with numbers for practical and propagandistic purposes.

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  1. Mubarak, like Assad, Saddam, etc., knew what he needed to do to keep his people in line. The only thing Muslims understand are threats of violence. They have no Golden rule like the rest of civilization, they need incentives to behave.

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