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Or should the headline read: ‘Southern Syrian Arabs fleeing Syria, fellow Arabs react in traditional way’

Fleeing Syria, Palestinians find little support from their brethren in Lebanon

Every morning, residents of Ain al-Halwah, Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp, scour the scattered leaflets advertising jobs for painters and menial laborers.

Their ranks include both Palestinian refugees recently arrived from Syria and those who have lived in Lebanon for decades. As the number of Palestinian refugees from Syria swells, competition for the few odd jobs available to Palestinians in Lebanon intensifies, undercutting already abysmal wages, driving up housing costs, and aggravating tensions in the camp.

The burden on residents already living in dire poverty is straining Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps like never before. Vulnerable and resource-strapped themselves, Palestinians in Lebanon simply can’t absorb the unprecedented number of refugees arriving to their camps.

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  1. Refugee camps – This is paleosimian code for neighborhoods and towns where arabs have lived for all their lives. I was very upset over being lied to when I found out these fake camps were really fully functioning towns. Now I am used to the dishonestly of the anti-Israel islamofascists.

    While Arab muslims from a warring muslim nation are entering towns in Lebanon, they will be crying for money and sympathy from the ‘infidels.’ They know their muslim brothers hate them and will do nothing for them.

    Why Arabs Hate And Kill Palestinians by Khaled Abu Toameh

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