Leftism in America Lefty Morons Racial Issues Racism or not



She and other blowhards like her, love to think that they speak for all Blacks, but they don’t.

I have had all I can take from the race baiting crowd, the overwhelming majority of Americans want the racial issues to become a thing of the past, but the special interests and civil rights hustlers don’t want their cash cow to die easily, they have to keep it going at all costs, even to the point of riling people up steeped in victimhood to commit acts of violence.

The legacy of Oprah Winfrey could be an incredible one. She could stand up for the true dream of Martin Luther King Jr. Instead, she has chosen to continue to press forward a wildly exaggerated  narrative of racism, because that’s the liberal line.

oprahs ignorance and race baiting narrative 7.8.2013

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