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It’s not ‘islamofauxbia’ to defend oneself from an intolerant and violent ideology, it’s self preservation.

There is nothing that they have to say, except about their own personal humanity (or taqiyya), which has absolutely nothing to do with Islamic jurisprudence that governs the whole of Islam. It’s entirely irrelevant whether these British Muslim soldiers eat pork and drink beer, hardly ever pray or even maintain traditional Muslim sharia in their lives, Their personal experiences does not detract from, nor add to, what Mohamed said, or what all four schools of Islamic jurisprudence have laid down as Islamic law (sharia). That is not up to personal interpretation, and anywhere Islam is the law of the land, that sentiment is enforced, rigorously.

Here’s what they’re afraid of, truth telling:

A senior Government source said that the idea was to dispel myths from far-right organisations such as the EDL and from radical Islamic preachers that being Muslim was somehow incompatible with being a patriotic British citizen.

muslim soldiers visit schools to combat islamofauxbia 27.8.2013

Ministers are to send serving Muslim soldiers into schools around the country to counter Islamaphobia in the wake of the killing of Lee Rigby, The Independent has learnt.

Muslim servicemen and women will be asked to address school assemblies alongside their Christian colleagues in parts of the country that have seen a significant rise in religious hate crimes. They are likely to include past and present Muslim soldiers who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as some who were injured.

The plans, which are at an advanced stage, will be discussed next week at the second meeting of the Government’s taskforce on tackling extremism and radicalisation. Reports of anti-Muslim attacks and abuse increased eight-fold in the wake of the death of Fusilier Rigby in Woolwich, south-east London. A month later they were still running at 36 per week.

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NOTE: Excellent comment:

‘A group of MUSLIMS is hoping food can offer a path to RACIAL harmony’.

For the love of god, when will people get it into their heads that Islam is nothing to do with your skin colour or ethnic group?

The burden is completely backwards here, the burden lies with Muslims to show that their religion is compatible with British culture, by putting up with the same jokes, same insults, same criticism, same human rights, same tolerance and same law as everyone else. No special treatment because of religion. How complicated is that?

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