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Yet another stark example of Zero being on the wrong side of everything.


Imagine a scenario involving Hitler and his ruling Nazi party being overthrown by the German military in 1934 at the behest of tens of millions of Germans, and FDR and his ruling administration refusing to ‘get involved’, as well as cutting aid to the German military and calling for all parties to be respected (including the Nazis) and included in all future politics in the country.

NOTE: The US should be pumping money and openly giving support to the ruling junta in Cairo to destroy the Muslim Brotherhood once and for all.

Obama secretly suspended military aid to egypt 20.8.2013

More here.

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  1. With Obama having positively sided with the MB, fawning over them at the White House and embracing them at every turn it’s no surprise that he would now withhold military aid to their enemies, the Egyptian military which is rightfully in command now. One thing about Obama – he’s consistent – just on the wrong team.

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