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Hey GOP, throw this crying, weak-in-the-knees sad sack of a House Speaker off the bench, and replace him with a conservative.

NOTE: Hey Johnny boy, instead of worrying about what Obama might do to you, start worrying what the conservative base will do to you. You jerk.

mark levin - boehnercare 24.8.2013


Levin ripped Boehner for the contradictions. “See how Boehner does it?” Levin chided. “He’s got his PAC that he’s been supporting and raising funds for lobbying Republican members, his own Republican members in the House to support the Gang of Eight immigration bill or something like it while he’s publicly saying ‘no, we’re going to break it into little pieces. This guy’s a snake. He’s absolutely dishonest. My great fear is he’s so pathetic and incompetent, as are the rest of them, quite frankly, that conservatives are not going to turn out in the next election and we’ll lose the damn House.

We’re tired of these quislings and their dealings. And we’re tired of all the Bush staffers and ex-McCain staffers writing their little hit pieces on conservatives who dare to stand up to them. So, Boehner’s got quite the little inside-outside game going on with this Super PAC linked to him.”

Levin then said what Boehner is going to do get an amnesty passed into law is use “salami tactics, cut it into little pieces, get it passed with Democrat support, and send it to a conference committee. Then it’s over.”

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  1. I watched the video and note the closing remarks/advertisement with Allen West request viewers to register at PJTV. FWIW – I no longer visit PJTV directly because of this required registration feature. Despite Bill Whittle’s draw . . .I wait for access through other blogs where registration isn’t required. Although I understand the registration requirement is designed to help fund PJTV, a necessary function for it’s success – the tracking feature (IP?)wreaks of big brother tactics. Similar tracking features of other websites may exist but they aren’t as obvious to a non-techie, like me. Considering the NSA surveillance scandal – even a conservative site’s tracking is a bridge to far.

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