Egypt Muslim persecution of Christians



Why this doesn’t outrage more people, especially Christians around the world I just don’t know.

kopt church burnt

List of attacks on churches, religious buildings and Christians’ private property from 14 August to 17 August 2013

This list is limited to attacks verified by EIPR through direct contact with church officials, eyewitnesses and field visits. Attacks for which no primary sources could be reached are excluded, and thus the actual tally of assaults likely exceeds those discussed in this report.

Testimonies indicate that most commonly attacks begin when marches supporting deposed president Mohamed Morsy head to churches or the property of Coptic citizens; they usually end with the partial or complete torching, looting or destruction of the property. They largely take place in the complete absence of security forces, the fire brigade, civil defense or the armed forces. In some cases, Muslim citizens and Copts themselves stand up to these attacks by forming popular committees to protect churches. When this list was issued, there were still churches that could not be accessed by the security and investigating apparatus to determine the scale of damages.

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