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lars dracula D-I 27.8.2013

My reaction is rage.

I’m afraid that I started shouting, when a kindly man from the Danish intelligence and security service, PET, called me yesterday. He wanted to assure me that the police are in full control of the Islamic groups that want me dead. ”We are keeping an eye on them,” he said.

So the PET, which to my knowledge has a staff of 800, is keeping an eye on every mosque and Islamic organization and network in Denmark, which ex-imam Ahmed Akkari has just said are all run by extremists.

No they don’t! The contact between them means that the sly rulers of the mosques, paid by well-heeled bandits in the Middle East, take the police in and use them and the politicians they advise to further their mendacious message that Islam is fundamentally peaceful and lovable.

More here.

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