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I’ve been alerted that Finnish blogger, Markus Jansson, (H/T: Kumitonttu) has been brought up on the spurious charges of ‘agitation of an ethnic group‘. A two year old blog post has caught the attention of Mika Illman (a man who truly lives up to his name), he’s the same bureaucratic hack who brought the same charges against (then) City councilman, now Minister of Parliament, Jussi Halla-aho.

Apparently after having been informed that he was being reported to Illman’s office for offending Islam, the long arm of the Finnish Department of Injustice reached out and tapped him on the shoulder. The wheels of injustice are starting to churn once again.

The charges reads as follows:

Mika Illman: ”In his writings Jansson has led to believe that groups of people of the Islamic faith from Africa and Middle-East are on a lower level than Western people. His writing generalizes that these people are uncivilized animals who rob, or moreover, are parasites on tax money and that they should be sent back immediately to their homeland or even be killed.

“In addition he writes that Islam is a religion of pedophilia, which accepts the rape of children.”

I am told by Vasarahammer that:

”Jansson is someone who has written on the internet for ages, first in the ‘Usenet’ newsgroups and later in the blogosphere. He has an aggressive style that has prompted somebody to create a “Janssonator” program with the help of which you can easily generate a “Jansson-like” reply to any argument.  Jansson generally concentrates on topics related to data security and only occasionally delves into Islam and immigration related topics. 

However, all in all Jansson is not a bigot nor a Nazi of any kind. He just tends to write in an aggressive tone, which sometimes irritates readers. Like in most incitement to hatred cases, this one is also due to somebody reporting his writings to the police. The article he wrote was about the following incident in a Swedish spa:

Basically Jansson’s post was an incoherent expression of anger and any death threats should be taken in the context of the anger towards the perpetrators of the rape. According to Swedish law sexual harassment of a minor constitutes a rape, so legally there is no difference. At the time of the post Jansson probably thought that the incident at the spa was worse than it actually was (i.e. rape instead of sexual harassment). In general, Jansson was asking for trouble with his post. He has a tendency to do that due to his writing style.”

husbybadet swim hall

markus jansson to trial for agitating against an ethnic group 28.8.2013

Jansson in Finnish:

”The story goes back to this event , and it is through this blog post . Related papers can be viewed here.”

Here’s his original blog post that I translated concerning the event of 20 Muslim refugees abusing young children, one supposedly raped, and no one being prosecuted for it.

Now, goddamn it I have had it with that kind of scum!

Such savage creatures need to be sent back to the barbaric countries immediately or, preferably, be shot on sight. Fuck tolerance. Fuck understanding. Fuck humanitarianism. Board them on a plane without any explanations, hearing of complaints, without discussions and bull shit talk, the next stop is Africa or the Middle East shit countries of barbarism, where they are obviously better adapted to the conditions. Restoration can preferably be done directly “on the fly” and without a parachute.

And why in the world are critters like that, in general, brought here with tax money in the first place, to be supported and to commit crimes? Why do people who do not have any cultural skills and do not want to adapt to Western society, deliberately brought here to feed off of decent people’s money? How come Swedish children in their own country have to fear speakers of a foreign language, foreign religion enthusiasts, the foreign customs of barbarians who hurt them? Whose idea is this madness? Who really benefits from this? Who is in charge?

Bear in mind that Islam is a religion of pedophilia. Islam accepts the rape of children, Muhammed had sex with a little girl. Therefore, Muslims rape children, there is nothing strange or odd, quite the opposite.

It is no wonder that support of immigration critical politicians and parties continues to grow. At least some people are waking up to (spite of politicians and mainstream media manipulation) the facts in front of them. I really hope that Finland will never be like the Swedish multi-cultural hell.

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  1. Finland’s enforcing Sharia. Time for revolution I think.

    50% of Arabs want to emigrate to the West precisely because Islam is promitive and the West is superior. The Blogger is right.

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