Egypt Muslim persecution of Christians



One of the two has answers as to why.

Two interesting pieces on Egypt, one by my friend Andrew Bostom, and the other by the WSJ’s Bret Stephens. Both support the need to dislodge Egypt from the Islamonazi Muslim Brotherhood’s grasp through a reduce-them-to-rubble campaign, and both support the Egyptian Military junta. Where the line is drawn however, is in the naive notion that al-Sisi is supporter of secularism. Stephens doesn’t even bring that fact up. Clueless?

What this tells me is, that even the best and the brightest of those writing on teh Middle east today, still don’t get it about Islam, each and every Muslim born there is steeped in the ideology. Without some major transforming event in their lives, and no matter how ‘secular’ they appear, within lies the beating heart of a fundamentalist. Perhaps not of the caliphate demanding, stone throwing salafist/wahhabi type variety, but in practice, just as Islamic totalitarian.

NOTE: I agree with Andy, the US should exert its influence and pressure al-Sisi to secure the Christian minority before any funds flows its way. Obama’s policy of silently cutting aid is a disaster.

Also: Those who have much invested in the fanciful ” ‘Islamism’ is the problem, ‘moderate Islam’ is the solution” canard, are hard pressed to explain the obvious. So they don’t, and just repeat their mantra with ever increasing volume.

stephens on al-sisi 22.8.2013

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andy bostom why egypt's 'secular'army failed to protect christians 22.8.2013

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