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With the Islamic fundamentalist genie unloosed from its bottle, his fears are very justified.

Egypt’s Coptic Pope concerned over risks of attacks

By John McManusBBC News

Pope Tawadros II on state TV 3 July 2013
Some Islamists criticised Pope Tawadros’s statement after the army stepped in

A bishop in Egypt’s Coptic Church says Pope Tawadros II has cancelled weekly public meetings due to concerns over possible attacks on his congregation.

Bishop Angaelos, who heads the Church in the UK, says in one incident the flag of al-Qaeda was raised on church property while worshippers hid inside.

Several human rights groups have criticised Egypt’s authorities for failing to protect Christians.

Some Islamists say the Church backed the removal of President Morsi.

Two weeks ago Bishop Angaelos told the BBC that he didn’t mind what kind of government led Egypt – even an Islamist one – as long as individual rights were respected and the country was able to flourish.

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