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This is the reality of the Islamic Middle East, there is nothing positive to say about it.

The point by Nabil is exactly the same point Andrew Bostom has been making all along, that the leader of the coup, General al-Sisi, is not a ‘secularist’ in the traditional western sense of the word. He and the army he’s leading are as radical as the opposition they’re busily arresting.

maikel nabil

‘Egyptian Christians may face extinction,’ activist warns

The difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military isn’t as big as people think, says Maikel Nabil

An Egyptian activist jailed for 10 months by the military following the ouster of Hosni Mubarak in 2011 said that his countrymen will likely take to the streets again soon to topple the forces that removed the Islamist regime of Mohammed Morsi last month.

Speaking to The Times of Israel from Erfurt, Germany, where he is completing a master’s degree in public policy, Maikel Nabil said that, like the events of January 2011, Morsi’s ouster on July 3 was “both a revolution and a coup.” He voiced concern about the mounting atmosphere of fear Christian Copts have experienced during and after the Brotherhood era, which has caused scores of them to flee the country.

“Some estimate that one-third of Egypt’s 12 million Copts left the country over the past five decades, and that hundreds of thousands are leaving each year. They are being pushed out, and I fear they may even face a genocide and become extinct in Egypt,” Nabil said.

In this process, he asserted, the military has played as active a roll as the Muslim Brotherhood. As churches burned across Egypt in the wake of Morsi’s ouster, Nabil said the new regime opted for inaction in a bid to drive Christians out of Egypt.

“The military isn’t secular, it’s Islamic, though in a different way than the Brotherhood. It’s racist towards Christians, who are discriminated against within its ranks.

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