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  1. Here’s a Dutch language pun for you:

    Van Moslim Broeders naar Moslim Bloeders.

    Which means “From Muslim Brothers to Muslim Bleeders”


  2. Canada Concerned by Ongoing Violence Against Christians in Egypt

    August 15, 2013 – Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and Andrew Bennett, Canada’s Ambassador for Religious Freedom, today issued the following statement:

    “We are concerned by recent attacks on religious institutions in Egypt, in particular the unconscionable attacks on Coptic Orthodox and Anglican churches and on Baptist and Franciscan institutions.

    “Attacks on places of worship are unacceptable. Canada calls on Egyptian authorities to protect worshippers and religious sites from violence and intimidation.

    “On behalf of all Canadians, we would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the victims of these attacks and wish a speedy recovery to the injured.

    “Canada firmly believes that implementing a transparent, democratic system that respects the voices of all Egyptians, including members of all religious communities, is the best way to restore calm and give all Egyptians a stake in the future stability and prosperity of their country.

    “We urge all parties to engage in a productive dialogue to ease tensions. We also call on all Egyptians to show maximum restraint and resolve in the coming days.”


    Russia, and now Canada, one country in Christendom, has had the courage to speak up for Christians who are being slaughtered, while Western MSM studiously ignores the massacre.

    Islam is NOT at war with the West. Islam is at war to destroy the basis of the West, that is Christianity. Muslims say so openly.

    We have to choose a side. Atheism or whatever is not a choice but a cop out.

    It was Dostoevsky, once again, who drew from the French Revolution and its seeming hatred of the Church the lesson that “revolution must necessarily begin with atheism.” That is absolutely true. But the world had never before known a godlessness as organized, militarized, and tenaciously malevolent as that practiced by Marxism. Within the philosophical system of Marx and Lenin, and at the heart of their psychology, hatred of God is the principal driving force, more fundamental than all their political and economic pretensions. Militant atheism is not merely incidental or marginal to Communist policy; it is not a side effect, but the central pivot.


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