Homosexuality Pedophilia



At least that’s what has been promoted from on high, right alongside the myth that non-white ethnicities/races can’t be racist.

H/T: Vlad

Gay principal at Ontario Catholic school loses license over partner’s sexual abuse of students


THUNDER BAY, Ontario, August 9, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The former principal of a small Catholic school in northern Ontario has had his license revoked by the Ontario College of Teachers for ignoring the repeated sexual abuse of students by one of his homosexual partners.

Jacques Perron was found guilty of “professional misconduct” earlier this year and was barred on Wednesday from reapplying for his teaching license for at least five years.

The former principal of a French-language Catholic school had hired two men, Pierre Grondin and Jannick Gélinas — with whom he was sexually involved — to work at the school. Grondin was hired as part-time school custodian and Gélinas as school secretary.

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