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Outlandishly absurd

This was published some time ago (last year), but like Jiri Keronen (h/t), I just came across it now. Slectively choosing home grown products is an act of racism, or so they would have you to believe. From the Finnish state broadcaster (taxpayer funded) YLE:

Not worth making a racist saladracist salad

Sectarianism and eyes closed to the rest of the world is a big mistake in making a salad.  A tasty salad is when you take the raw materials from around the world. An excellent salad is a successful combination of foreign apples and domestic cheese bread.

2 Responses

  1. We need to consider the fact that the ultimate logic would be that to make a salad from home grown products is likely deemed racist by environmentalists, because it’s detrimental to the subsistence levels of the already “victimized” underdeveloped nations of this planet. Leftwing environmentalist logic is making way for essentially Third Worldist humanitarian racism. The Left would rather see foodstuffs imported from these countries, no matter what the detrimental effect on the environment may turn out to be.

    Interesting, because if it proves anything, it tends to prove that you can’t have it all at the same time. They have to choose: burn fossil fuels to import food and profess World solidarity that way, or avoid burning fuel by choosing homegrown foodstuffs and be deemed racist. A neat little conundrum emerging for the juvenile knobheads on the Left, being totally unable -as usual- to think these things through.

  2. This is too stupid. There is no pleasing the Useful Idiots but then why should anyone care to try?

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