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Again, my only disagreement with Barry is the referencing of the word ‘Islamism’, which I deem a western concocted construct meant to distance Islam in general from the mayhem and intolerance of Islam 101.

That said, he’s spot on with his analysis of the region, who’s is fighting who and for what reasons, who are the victims and what the West should do in light of a very bleak forecast for the next several decades.

NOTE: Please do note that Israel’s relations vis-a-vis the Palestinian Arabs has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the Sunni-Shiite bloodfest raging around the world and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism.

Yes, that is the fruit of the “Arab Spring.” Not as the Western sorcerer’s apprentices’ expected love, peace, and democracy but the rise of Islamism and the Sunni-Shia war.

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Arab World War Two: Sunni versus Shia

This is not merely coincidental violence. True, the currently self-flagellating West used to have scenes like this but no more. Today, the West is an island of tolerance despite the orgy within it of self-blame and criticism. Meanwhile, other places daily show orgies of violence but neither self-criticism.

Let’s take one little example from the daily situation of places from daily life in that vast expanse between Nigeria and Indonesia that coincides with Muslim-majority countries. Yet Muslims are also the main victim from the violence, due to the horror of radical Islamism and whipped-up-into-a-frenzy fanaticism which characterizes Arab World War Two.

In early June, Salafists stirred up hatred at the purported threat from a tiny minority of 30 Shia Muslims living in the village of Zawiyat Abu Muslim near Cairo. Shias are a microscopic portion of Egypt’s population, far less than one percent. Until recently one was barely aware they existed at all. But then until recently the same was true of that 1 percent minority of real Shia Muslims in Syria (along the Lebanese border, the Alawites are about as Shia Muslim as the Catholic pope is Mormon)  which has done so much to prompt the Hizballah offensive in the Syrian civil war.

More here.

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