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Outside of the EDL, what group in the UK is actually speaking of these important issues is forthright way?

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Tommy and Kevin EDL

I take my hat off to EDL. They are the custodians of the authentic British values. These are freedom, democracy, respect for human rights and gender equality. No dear Dr. Stanley, stoning, child marriage, gay hanging, lashing people for eating in public during the Ramadan and beating them for drinking alcohol are not British values. If you admire these “values”, why don’t you go and live in Iran, Pakistan, or pick any Muslim country of your choice.
EDL and its leader Tommy Robinson are patriots.  You probably don’t know what patriotism means and equate it with fascism.  They see the danger of Islamization in their hometowns.  Unlike you and the middle-class liberals who despise the working class whom they pretend to speak for and who are united with Muslims in their hatred of Christianity, the EDL is made of real folks – the working class – the very people who make the wheels of the economy churn and allow the likes of you to live comfortably without dirtying your hands.  These people have far more moral fiber than you and more rights to the future of their country than you, who confess not knowing what Englishness stands for and are waiting for Muslims to define it for you. And yes, they believe is something and it is you who are intimidated by their resolve.Talk about projection.

ali sina supports the edl 14.8.2013

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