Dividing wheat from chaff.

Like I’ve said before, our beef is not with secularist (in name only) Muslims, but with those who pine for sharia and greater role of Islam in everyday public life. It’s entirely true however, that one can never be sure when or where a secular Muslim will reconnect with their ‘inner Mohamed’, so a rational immigration policy must be implemented that takes this into account.

Tundra Tabloids’ regular tipster and commenter, Anushirva, sends the following in connection to a TT piece on former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, who stated in the 80’s that Turkish immigration is not working, assimilation is not happening, and half of their number should be repatriated to their home country.

turks in germany


The main issue with Turkish secularism is that Kemalism was inherently an urban reform movement that didn’t take hold in Turkey’s backward countryside. The main trouble with immigration in the West is that most Turks imported in Europe mainly came from the rural underdeveloped regions of Turkey.

As far as I know, I’ve seen many Western dressed Turkish women in Europe who are de facto from essentially secularist family backgrounds, and I have noticed all too often that most of them don’t mix with other Turks. So, in fact there seems to be some kind of pattern developing from what I can gather: most non-secular women are either continuously accompanied by their husbands and/or children, or either they go around in groups while not chaperoned by their husbands.

While on the other hand, secular Turkish women seem to be very individualist and assertive, and either go about their business alone or in groups of their own, clearly never wearing head scarves or hijabs or long clothes of any kind. Plus, they tend to mix freely with native populations in the West. I’ve seen groups of secular Turkish women on Saturday afternoons going around in groups clutching shopping bags full of designer clothes, while the other women are continuously trailing in the wake of their husbands wherever they go.

I also get the impression that secular Turkish women tend to stay single to enjoy the perks of their lifestyle as long as they can. And then you have to wonder what happens to them if they get married at some point. It seems to me that Turkish male chauvinism is inherently incompatible with assertive female lifestyles.

Anyone hazard a guess as to why that may be ? (rhetorical question, btw)

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