I’m fine with that.

And once the Egyptian military becomes the center of hate and distrust, these same ‘secularists’ will be back with the same Islamonazis in the streets that they are battling now. Remember that the overwhelming majority of Egypt’s Muslims back some form of state sanctioned sharia in the public sphere, are antisemitic and hate Israel. These are not Jeffersonian democrats.

Here’s some input on Egypt from Jennifer Dyer

Tamarod movements are busting out all over the Arab world (e.g., in TunisiaMorocco, and Bahrain), portending many more months of instability and a long fight for the futures of these and other nations.  A movement with this much internal division to it will begin to splinter in Egypt: some of its members will want to take the lead in forging a new ruling consensus – specifically, in preempting the people to do so – and my bet for this is on the Salafists.

Dyer is referring to the movement spearheaded by the man interviewed in the article below. Her comments and arguments should be seriously considered when reading it.

“What Egypt is passing through now is the price, a high price, of getting rid of the Brotherhood’s fascist group before it takes over everything and ousts us all,” Badr, 28, told Reuters in a telephone interview.
Badr and his two twenty-something co-founders of the “Tamarud-Rebel” movement encouraged millions of Egyptians to take to the streets in protests demanding the overthrow of Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Mursi.

Egyptian youth leader backs military over mb 18.8.2013

More here.

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  1. I see the fine art of dentistry is alive and well in Egypt.

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