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They simply should not be released, but rot in jail.

The protesters painted their hands red to recapture the moment in time a daring Italian photographer caught on film the lynching and dismemberment of two IDF soldiers who strayed into Ramallah. They held their bloody hands proudly from the window where the Israelis were butchered, and their organs in the street below.

NOTE: These are the kinds of animals being released. Do take note of the Palestinian police in the first pick on the right holding up his stick in triumph, no doubt he’s one of those who received ‘training’ from European police instructors.

ramallah slaughter of idf soldiers


almagor group protests release of pali prisoners with blood on their hands 11.8.2013

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  1. From a distance – and distance gives perspective – it appears that the Israeli government and many Israeli citizens still persist in the collective delusion that somehow, someway, peace will ultimately prevail with concessions and appeasement.

    For the Arabs its an ongoing war of attrition – relentless and unceasing.

    Israelis want permanent peace and are prepared to do whatever needs to be done to realise this.

    For the Arabs the end game is the total annihilation of Israel.

    One can only wonder what is the point of the current exercise in futility – setting up ground rules for ensuing peace talks?

    Sadly, there will never be a consensus leading to a permanent state of peace between Arabs and Jews.

    Again and again the Arabs have made this known.

  2. Most Israelis know this is utter BS. They are sick their politicians ignore them and release proud murderers. I hope every politician who made this happen loses all their position, money and power.

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