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Police caught lying about #RapeJihad once again

Former Surrey Police officer faces rape charge

Fresh calls for home secretary to ban EDL march through Tower Hamlets

Probe into charity linked to Bradford MP George Galloway

Snowden granted 1 yr asylum in Russia, leaves airport to undiscloded location

UK’s ‘go home’ campaign faces legal action (Al jizz)

SHOCKING: 17 Years Old Wife Kills Her Husband Over Excessive Sex Demands (Nigeria)

UKIP leader defends support for sacked dinner lady

Dinner lady sacked for serving pork to a Muslim pupil
(Video from breakfast tv this morning)

ROBBER Mohammed Wasim has been jailed after he threatened to kill a shop assistant if he did not hand over a £4 packet of cigarettes.

At least 22 killed in Syrian weapons depot blast, NGO says

NSFW: PA Police Chief suspended after profanity-laced videos attacking John Kerry and ‘libtards’ in general

Sawn-off shotgun among weapons seized by police in Poplar
EDL Buck: (High mustard population area)

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