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There’s enough Lefty morons in Finland to offer them sanctuary, with little worry about being prosecuted.

Afghan family faces deportation as high court rejects appeal

The Zaheris, an Afghan family who have fought a protracted battle against deportation from Finland, have had their final appeal rejected. The family members have reportedly gone into hiding.

Kuvassa asianajaja Leo Hertzberg ja Zaherin perhe.
Members of the Zaheri family with their lawyer, Leo Hertzberg (left). Image: Yle

Finland’s Supreme Administrative Court has denied the Afghan Zaheri family’s appeal to bring their case before the high court.

The five-member Zaheri family arrived on Finland’s eastern border as refugees about five years ago. The family members sought asylum in Finland, but it was only granted to one of them, a son who was an adult when he arrived in the country. Now the other four members of the family face being thrown out of Finland.

Last March the Helsinki Administrative Court rejected the Zaheris’ appeal of the Immigration Service’s decision to deport them. However the ruling could not be carried out as long as there was a chance that the Supreme Administrative Court would reconsider the case. Now that this option has been removed, Finnish authorities can carry out the deportation. However Yle has learned that the Zaheris have disappeared from their previous location in the west-coast Pietarsaari area.

Their local supporters in the Pietarsaari region have also called on officials to reverse the decision. YLE

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  1. Instead of demanding Finland to finance the life of the family, the local supporters should donate a few million euros to the family thus making feasible their immigration to some other country. The supporters could sell their valuables, vehicles, apartments and houses in order to raise the money. This should be repeated annually ad infinitum.

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