Obama-tut now says he’s not going to take sides, but that’s after he already took sides.

Obama pharoa

I agree with other commentators, in that I hope the Egyptian ruling junta completely obliterates the Muslim Brotherhood, not only for Egypt’s sake, but for the rest of the world’s sake.

Drudge Report:

Saudi king backs Egyptian army

King Abdullah calls on Arabs to be united against ‘terrorism,’ and attempts to ‘destabilize’ Egypt

Saudi King Abdullah called on Arabs on Friday to stand together against “attempts to destabilize” Egypt, in a message of support for the military leadership and an attack on the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its people and government, stood and stands today with its brothers in Egypt against terrorism,” he said in a message read out on Saudi television, in an apparent reference to continuing clashes between the Muslim Brotherhood and police.

“I call on the honest men of Egypt and the Arab and Muslim nations … to stand as one man and with one heart in the face of attempts to destabilize a country that is at the forefront of Arab and Muslim history,” he added.

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  1. One begins to wonder if Wahhabism of the House of Saud is inferior to yet another branch as in 1979 when a Saudi preacher named Juhayman al Uteybi, they believed that the Saudi royal family had become a craven servant of American infidels, and sought a return to the glory of uncompromising Islam. Who will be this generations Juhayman?

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