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What in the world is happening to the UK?

H/T: Gaia

The girl, who reported the rape on Saturday, did not know any of her attackers, Scotland Yard said.

The trio are described as being between 17 and 19 years old.

The first was dark-skinned and of mixed race, with a diamond stud in his left ear and a London accent. He told the girl his name was Mo and that he was 17.

12 year old raped by multi ethnic youths 1.8.2013Read more:

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  1. Perhaps the typical Brit would rather just avoid the whole distasteful mess and just focus on the cricket – 2-0 to England at the moment.

    Or maybe pull out a Bertie Wooster fictional fantasy about a lost England where all was right with the world and Jeeves was ever on hand to counsel the young Wooster, and faithfully deliver the bracer in the morning to assist Bertie over a very bad hangover.

    Troublenow is that the hangover is turning into a very bad dream – central personnel being self-serving politicans who are asleep at the wheel and in a total funk and denial of the dawning reality.

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