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  1. This video is no such thing. Nobody is killed in this video. The people that Egyptians are now calling terrorists are using this as some sort of sloppy propoganda.

    If indeed soldiers are discharging their weapons then it’s over the heads of these people or into the air in order to scare them off. Nobody gets shot in this video.

    Both people lying on the ground in the distance get up on their own by the end of the video.

  2. Shots can clearly be heard from behind and to the left of the camera man. There’s obviously someone there firing off in the distance. The military personnel at the back by the armored vehicles look just as baffled as the crowd at the start. I suspect they decided to pray, and oh, BTW, lets have Abdul fire his AK-47 at the military for some cheap agitprop for You Tube.

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