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Mea culpa time.

What the Daily Mail is stating here, is nothing different than what we in the anti-Islamization movement have been saying for years. It’s not about reasonable immigration policies, but about mass immigration policies that leave no or no room for proper integration that leads to assimilation.

Coupled with that is the penchant for attracting migrants from the far reaches of the Islamic world who have little affinity for (small d) democratic pluralism, and all happening within a welfare state. Pure tomfoolery and national suicide.


This paper has always acknowledged the huge economic contribution made by new arrivals prepared to work long hours for low wages in jobs many Britons will not do. Just as important is our long history of cultural enrichment by migrants who have fought to integrate.
But mass immigration has a social price, which goes beyond even the immense pressure of numbers on our overstretched infrastructure and services.
How are teachers expected to teach – and children, from any ethnic background, to learn – when a million pupils are not fluent in English?

Liberal posturing and the price of migration


PUBLISHED: 22:15 GMT, 2 July 2013 | UPDATED: 11:12 GMT, 3 July 2013

Two startling sets of figures this week expose the phenomenal impact of mass, unrestricted immigration on the social fabric of Britain.

The first, from the Department for Education, showed more than a million schoolchildren – up by 250,000 in the past five years alone – speak a language other than English as their mother tongue, while nearly three in 10 primary school pupils belong to ethnic minorities.

Now the Office for National Statistics reports that immigrants make up a quarter of the population of Britain’s biggest cities (well over a third in London), while in nine per cent of homes, nobody speaks English as a main language.

Meanwhile, the proportion of non-white residents of our four largest conurbations has officially risen above 30 per cent – almost certainly an underestimate, since the figures come from the 2011 census, which many illegal immigrants will not have returned.

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