Erdogan sobs for co-islamofundamentalist Mursi’s demise.

Any fence sitters out there any longer? The Turks are led by a key supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose Islamic fundamentalism (basic Islam 101) helped spawn al-Qaida and a hosts of other 7th century based nut-jobs.

tard turks upset over us policy on egypt

Part of Erdogan’s current and persistent narrative is that the West failed to help Morsi at a time of dire economic need, the implication being that this was part of a plan to stop the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and political Islam not just in Egypt, but in the region as a whole.

Continue in this vein as they may, Erdogan and members of his government are revealingly silent concerning the news that Gulf States, headed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, have pledged at least $8 billion in emergency aid to Egypt to prop up the transitional government installed by the military.

This silence against key Arab countries that applauded the ouster of Morsi and dealt a serious blow to the Muslim Brotherhood indicates that there is a limit for the AKP as to who it will criticize, since it can ill afford to alienate major Middle East powers at a time when Ankara’s regional influence is markedly on the wane.

As an aside here, it must be mentioned that remarks by Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu earlier this week also acknowledged, albeit indirectly, this declining influence and reflected a desire to ensure this does not happen.

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