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The ruling political elites did exactly that with their socialist multicultural politics ages ago.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

The Left (which the faux Right belongs to) loves identity politics. It busily divides people into ‘this or that group’, then describes the citizens in the plural as ”the masses” in order to rob them of their uniqueness and originality of person as they organize society according to their ideological extremist views.

The reason I deem their views as ‘ideologically’ based, is that they are not based upon experience and reason, but upon a utopian ideal that has proven to be, historically, a massive failure. Mass immigration, let alone within a welfare state, without proper time to allow for integration leading to assimilation, is pure buffoonery, and yet in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, they insist on plowing ahead while smearing those who beg to differ as waycists and dividers as THEIR policies drive Jews out of Sweden.

Reinfeldt, you’re a disgrace, and a bonehead.

Sweden pm says sd divides us a people 4.7.2013

“They want to divide us as a people and stoke suspicion,” he said.

Reinfeldt didn’t mention the Sweden Democrats by name, calling them “the Eighth Party”, which “should not be included”.

“Our answer is: You shall not have any influence,” he said, raising his voice.

Reinfeldt then proceeded to criticize Social Democrat Stefan Löfven for not being clear on the issue of SD, but reserved praise for former leader Mona Sahlin’s position.

The Prime Minister proceeded to attack the red-green opposition parties and accused them of being sufficiently prepared to take power.

“These are new times, you need to prepare yourselves with others,” he said referring to the lack of joint platform among the opposition parties.

Reinfeldt conceded that the Moderates support of 30 percent of the electorate is not sufficient to demand power alone.

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