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Published on Jul 1, 2013
Sparks Fly in this one as Pamela Geller addresses the current situation in Egypt with Mike Ghouse on the Hannity Show. Geller demands an apology from Ghouse regarding previous false accusations with signage incident in NY Subway.

Meanwhile, Morsi supporters whine in Cairo…..

Egypt’s Mursi rebuffs army ultimatum, sets own course

By Alastair Macdonald and Alexander Dziadosz

CAIRO (Reuters) – President Mohamed Mursi rebuffed an army ultimatum to force a resolution to Egypt’s political crisis, saying on Tuesday that he had not been consulted and would pursue his own plans for national reconciliation.

The Islamist leader described as potentially confusing Monday’s 48-hour deadline set by the head of the armed forces for him to agree on a common platform with liberal rivals who have drawn millions into the streets demanding Mursi’s resignation.

Members of his Muslim Brotherhood have used the word “coup” to describe the military maneuver, which carries the threat of the generals imposing their own road map for the nation.

But in a statement issued at nearly 2 a.m., fully nine hours after General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi delighted Mursi’s opponents by effectively ordering the president to heed the demands of demonstrators, the president’s office used considerably less direct language to indicate he would try to take little notice.

“The president of the republic was not consulted about the statement issued by the armed forces,” it said. “The presidency sees that some of the statements in it carry meanings that could cause confusion in the complex national environment.”

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