Question: How do you hope to mediate anything between Alien and Predator?

A buddy of mine adds: ”Nice profession: become a mediator in Syria”

NOTE: Someone grounded in realism and a great understanding of the region and the parties therein, wouldn’t touch the job of ‘mediator’ with a ten foot pole.


Syria mediators ‘killed by pro-regime militiamen’

At least six mediators have been killed by pro-government militiamen in the Syrian province of Homs, reports say.

The men were reportedly trying to broker talks between Sunni Muslims and members of the minority Alawite sect in the area when they were shot dead.

Two of the men were retired military officers, and another was an imam, according to a UK-based activist group.

President Bashar al-Assad’s government is dominated by Alawites, while the uprising has been predominantly Sunni.

A video posted online by the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights purports to show the bodies of the six men and names them.

The Observatory said they were trying to set up talks in an area where fighting erupted last week.

They were killed near the Alawite village of Hajar al-Abyad, which the Observatory describes as a pro-Assad stronghold, and a centre for the “shabiha” (pro-regime militia) in the region.

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