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  1. The BBC hates the EDL, and believes it is the worst form of Nazism. So even of they were so, I would like to know how many little girls they have raped, how many bombs they have exploded in public places, or how many people they have honour killed?

  2. Further thoughts on Robert Spencer and Pamella Gellerv being refused admission to the UK

    In times of national emergency, war, etc., subversive speech has been historically circumscribed in the UK as well as the US.

    One can argue thus, that the British government believes that we are at war. If so, then one can also argue, that while conducting war operations in Muslim countries, it is best to keep the internal situation as calm as possible. The last thing one wants when conducting war operations abroad, is to have a serious domestic insurgency at home.

    This may explain why the Home Secretary refused admission to Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller.

    It also follows that once we, i.e., the US and the UK, are out of Afghanistan, the winds are likely to change.

  3. Hey, wait a minute True Finns gets exactly same accusations here in Finland than EDL in UK.
    You can feel the hate of libtard media against them.

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