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Folks, this incident lowers the pants and skirts of the faux humanitarians in Norwegian politics to right around their ankles. 

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There is no excuse whatsoever for the government of the highly touted ”progressive” state of Norway to stay mute over a citizen having gone through the horrendous experience of rape, (to not only be charged for her rape, but to eventually be sentenced for that rape as an ‘extramarital affair’) because it happened within a non-Western state. This is exactly the faux humanitarianism Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld has in mind when talks about ‘humanitarian racism’.

“A Humanitarian Racist is best defined as someone who attributes intrinsically reduced responsibility for their acts to people of certain ethnic or national groups.”

Yet, the same Nordic state likes to thump its chest in indignation over Israeli policies crafted to ensure its citizens have the best protection possible against homicidal/genocidal maniacs. You see the great disconnect in their thinking here?

Marte Deborah Dalelv

Cruel double standard Norway: Norwegian woman raped in Dubai, reported the crime to the police, but ended up being sentenced herself

by McGonagall •  • 

Two days ago, most Norwegian papers reported – in moderation one might add – on theparadoxical outcome for a Norwegian woman holiday maker in Dubai, when she reported the crime to local police. She was promptly jailed and her passport seized and only after 4 days able to make it to the Norwegian Seaman’s Church where she was offered accommodation. This week, after several grueling months, the sentence was make known. She was found guilty of extramarital sex, of illegal alcohol consumption and for making false statements to the police and sentenced to 1 year and 4 months in the slammer. To add insult to severe injury, the woman was also sacked from her Qatari based company for improper behavior.

Most fair minded Norwegians who read the article yesterday, collectively and instantaneously choked on their morning coffee, and had their eyeballs pop out of the scull when they also could read how the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs “had been in touch with the woman for several months”  and offer consular assistance or help to Norwegian citizens in Dubai. Her attacker, a muslim, was also sentenced to prison for extramarital sex, but got off with three months less than his victim.

None of these shocking details could get our human rights oriented ministers, “peace” researchers, and other members of the Norwegian elites to get off their sun beds to protest this absurd ruling or in any other way stand up for a woman in real need.

Until yesterday afternoon, after one scathing attack after the other on the incomprehensible frugal response from the Norwegian authorities, the official response from Norway was ” we offer assistance to Norwegians in Dubai”.

More here at NIJ:

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  1. Its sharia, and crazy libtards dont care if that shit spreads over here.
    Do they have a wish to get raped??

  2. The dhimmi politicians refuse to protect their own people at home much less anyone who stands up for their rights in the middle east.
    Why all the pretense at being surprised now?

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