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It’s all about the sharia.

This is being played out all over the world were Basic Islam 101 is being practiced and pandered to, there is little or no push back from the authorities, so they keep it up.

NOTE: In Turkey, the licensing for pork butcheries have been curtailed severely, if not done away with altogether.

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Via Jihad Watch and Vlad and TROP

France: Muslims terrorize and drive out butcher for the crime of selling pork

Islamic tolerance in action in Eurabia: “France: Butcher Terrorised and Driven Out by Muslims Because he Sold Pork,” by Cheradenine Zakalwe for Islam Versus Europe, June 29 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

…In the Italie shopping centre, in the Blosne district of Rennes, the butcher-processor has finally closed its doors at the end of April. “Worn out by the pressure,” the shopkeeper sold his premises. At the beginning of June, in renovated premises, a halal butcher will move in, the second in this site which has fifteen shops.

In eleven years of operation, the butcher has had his window smashed a dozen times. Why? “Because I had the misfortune to sell pork!”, assures Jérôme. A few years ago, a message of about fifty centimetres was engraved by knife on to a wooden door in the back of his shop: “Death to the pigs, we will bleed you.”

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